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2Amber Springs is The Springs Events’ Wedding & Event Venue located near The Woodlands.

Offering a unique, spacious, and stunning location to Conroe, Montgomery, and surrounding the Woodlands areas.  Amber Springs provides an exclusive setting for an unforgettably elegant, rustic wedding and reception.

Once you visit us, choosing Amber Springs as the perfect wedding venue for you will undoubtedly be the easiest part of your wedding preparation.

8To smooth out the remaining wrinkles in your planning process, our friendly staff and extensive list of local vendors are here to help make the rest of the event planning process simple and stress-free.

This event facility in north Houston has a picturesque outdoor setting that truly comes alive in each season, as well as a unique indoor facility that brings the warmth to the celebration during your wedding reception.

You will feel right at home, yet pampered with elegance.

Amber Springs’ exceptional value further enhances your special event, offering an extended list of amenities including party cleanup after your event and outdoor ceremony sites to take the romance back to nature.

Amber Springs is ideally located just minutes outside of Conroe, and 35 minutes north of Houston.

The heavily pine-wooded area offers a private and secluded setting that is also easily accessible to your guests with plenty of parking.

Amber Springs is a versatile venue, available for a number of different special events including wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, family reunions, corporate parties, and more!

Pine Hall

Let Pine Hall bring you the reminiscent scent of cozy cabin nights with your closest friends and family paired with all the elegance you’d expect from The Springs Events. Pine Hall is The Springs Events original elegant, Texas-style hall that brings a relaxed feel to both you and your guests.

As The Springs Events’ original hall, Pine hall boasts a truly unique, 100% pinewood structure where a refreshing pine aroma washes over you the moment you enter through its doors. This gorgeous hall in the midst of a stunning pine forest truly makes for the perfect Conroe wedding reception location, no matter the season!

Stonebrook Hall

Stonebrook Hall is the most recent addition to Amber Springs and the North Houston area. Without losing our signature Texas-style, Stonebrook Hall truly brings a new level of elegance to your special event.Callie Todd's Bridal - Door Pic

The ambiance created within Stonebrook Hall is an amenity in itself.

Decorated elegantly with beautiful sconce lighting draping the walls of limestone and boasting accents of dark, stained wood, the building brings a warm, stunning backdrop for your wedding or special event.

Of course, The Springs Events could not build a venue without its signature bridge over a peaceful, running spring. This particular bridge is made with stone columns and wood railings, perfect for that magical wedding picture that you and your family will marvel over for generations to come.


Don’t forget to check out the seating chart and wedding planning checklist so you can completely plan and customize your Woodlands wedding and reception!